Helen McEntee and hypocritical political guff

Helen McEntee, daughter of recently deceased Shane McEntee, was asked about online social media abuse during her election campaign (Marian Finucane Show, Saturday).

I don’t agree with anonymous abuse but it happens. It’s all part and parcel of putting yourself out there in the public eye. It’s just a matter of dealing with it.

A sensible and realistic attitude to media coverage unlike the many other politicians who were quick to exploit the death of Ms. McEntee’s father as an excuse to further restrict media freedom.

Ms. McEntee also effectively confirmed that all the hypocritical guff about online social media abuse being a factor in her father’s suicide was just that, hypocritical guff.

Was online abuse a huge pressure on your dad?

No, I don’t think so. My dad wasn’t very much into Facebook and twitter. He didn’t have a huge online presence. I don’t think he would have seen anything that would have been put up.

Senator Jimmy Harte, Minister Pat Rabbitte and others take note

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