Emmet Stagg: Political coward

The next few months will be interesting as ‘pillars of society’ fight to retain their exclusive club, Seanad Eireann.

We’re going to see a great deal of self-interested cant, plain stupidity and downright hypocrisy.

Take Labour chief whip, Emmet Stagg, for example.

The idea of getting rid of the Senate is ‘very dangerous’ according to Mr. Stagg.

So will Mr. Stagg be campaigning to retain this exclusive club?

Er…no…because that would see him fall from government favour and the loss of his many privileges.

We likely to see lots of this political cowardice during the campaign.

One thought on “Emmet Stagg: Political coward”

  1. Yes–if Stagg had any guts he would relinquish his Junior Ministry but he obviously does not want to offend some of his friends in the Seand.

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