Mary O’Rourke and the Lenihan’s: A family of traitors

Mary O’Rourke’s response to the Anglo tapes.

Absolutely astounded that two high flying bankers would treat the Central Bank of their country in that fashion…It makes the case for an immediate set up for the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to deal with it.

I’m ashamed the government spent so long playing games about the chairman of the PAC.

On how her nephew dealt with the situation.

Her first attempt to answer this question was typical O’Rourke gobbledygook and is worth quoting in full.

Of course it does, I have always held to the full idea which is now becoming more in the open. I mean if those two bankers, it’s like a thriller, isn’t it, a bad thriller. If those two bankers were willing to do that on the Central Bank of their country they were willing to do it on anyone or any government. It paints the bank in a dreadful light and these are the people that people trusted in this country.

She was asked the question again – Was Brian Lenihan aware of the bank’s attitude?

I’m quite sure he wouldn’t have been privy, how could he have been, to those phone calls…Fianna Fail wants an inquiry, why would we not?

Did the government of the day make bad decisions, well I don’t know. that’s why I want an inquiry, why everyone in Fianna Fail wants an inquiry.

I most desperately want it because I know to the day he passed away Brian was for his country, he was for his country, he was not for anything else.

Clearly, O’Rourke is desperate to protect the ‘good’ name of her traitor nephew Brian Lenihan Jnr.

That’s to be expected as she, along with her brother Brian Lenihan Snr., are also guilty of betraying Ireland and its people.

6 thoughts on “Mary O’Rourke and the Lenihan’s: A family of traitors”

  1. The Political Culture is Corruption…(86% Irish Surveyed ):

    Perceptions of political and public service corruption in Ireland stands at a staggering 86% (Transparency international).

    fact finding requires following the nepotism and crony money trail of all extended families and associates.

    Only the desperate politician hoovers directly from the trough to the personal bank account.

  2. The title of this post insults my family. That is disgraceful, all the more so because the only O’Rourke mentioned is a Lenihan by birth, and it is clearly Lenihans whom you intend to smear.

    I am not going to defend the Lenihans in question – they are able to do that themselves (or not).

  3. I would like to correct your headline – The O Rourkes- a family of traitors – having read through your article I think you mean Lenihan not O Rourke- I support investigative journalism but at least get your facts right!

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