What the bankster thought of the gangster

From the Attic archives.

When the criminal politician and traitor Haughey died in 2006 various ‘pillars of society’ were asked to assess his record.

The following is the assessment of the bankster Sean Fitzpatrick taken from the Sunday Tribune, 18 June 2006.

He was a big picture man, who certainly had his faults. There were two era’s. The first era he was off beam, when he did huge borrowing and got us into financial deficit.

The second time he had learned a lesson and the true Haughey came through. I can’t think of any modern politician who has done as much.

Haughey was exceptionally different to other politicians of the time.

There was just no hope, things were very bureaucratic and done at a snails pace. There wasn’t the entrepreneurial sense there is now. Ireland was dark and we were losing our best to emigration.

He was there at the time and set the foundation for us to come through.

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  1. I read somewhere recently that to suceed in politics or business it helps to be a sociopath. I guess its part of the human condition; so as that fellow in Dad’s army used to say – we’re doomed!, we’re all doomed!

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