Michael McDowell: The greatest party leader the world has ever known – Lol

Letter in today’s Irish Examiner

Can’t see why Finlay is still lauding McDowell

Columnist Fergus Finlay, without the slightest hint that his tongue was anywhere near his cheek, has announced to the world that former Progressive Democrats Party leader Michael McDowell was perhaps the greatest party leader the world has ever known (Irish Examiner Opinion, Jul 23).

The following is a brief outline of some of the ‘great’ man’s activities: He claimed ‘soft’ judges were partly to blame for his failure to stop gangland killings. One legal professional described McDowell’s statements as bordering on the impeachable

He insinuated that most asylum seekers were not entitled to stay in Ireland and regretted his inability to deport them forthwith because of due process;

He fully supported Bertie Ahern during his ‘money troubles’ and blindly followed the Fianna Fáil leader as the country headed towards financial ruin;

He effectively led the Progressive Democrats into oblivion and, after losing his seat in the 2007 election, fled the world of politics in panic without consulting his party colleagues.

Let’s be kind and assume Mr Finlay’s bizarre assessment of Mr McDowell was brought on by spending too much time out in the midday sun during the recent bout of good weather.

Anthony Sheridan
Co Cork