Labour Party continues the betrayal of Ireland and its people

That’s a matter for himself.

With this short sentence the Labour Party has confirmed and condemned itself as part of the corrupt political/administrative system that has destroyed this country.

When asked if the party was concerned that one of its senators had alleged he was bribed a spokesperson said:

That’s a matter for himself.

So let’s be crystal clear about what’s happening here.

Labour is refusing to act on this extremely serious matter because it is presently holding power within our corrupt political/administrative system.

It hardly needs to be said that if Labour was in opposition and a senator from another party claimed he had been bribed they would be jumping up and down for a political and police investigation.

The first decision every person elected to our Dail or Senate must make, either consciously or subconsciously, is:

Will I challenge the corrupt system or will I say nothing and keep my head down?

The vast bulk of TDs and Senators decide, either consciously or subconsciously to support and, if necessary, defend the corrupt system.

Every such decision does enormous damage to Ireland and its people particularly since the economic collapse of 2008.

Every such decision puts off the day when the Irish people can enjoy the benefits of living in a functional democracy where the rule of law applies to all and not just to those without power and influence.

Every politican who courageuosly challenges the corrupt system is immediately attacked by its members and ejected from its ranks.

Roisin Shortall and Nessa Childers are among the very small number of politicians who had the courage and integrity to challenge the system.

Because courage and integrity are strictly prohibited within our corrupt political system they had to go in order for the system to survive.

Nessa Childers chillingly described what can happen to even the most idealistic politician:

I felt I was being corrupted by the system.

Unfortunately, the vast bulk of initially idealistic politicans allow the system to infect them, to one degree or another, with the disease of corruption.

Senator Landy’s refusal to report the very serious crime of attempted bribery is an indication of how the corrupt system can warp the principles and integrity of even the most patriotic politician.

The Labour Party’s absolute refusal to act on the matter is an indication of just how corrupt the entire political system has become.

And let me be clear, Labour are not alone in abandoning truth, honesty and intergrity when operating within the corrupt political system.

To date every Irish political party, when faced with scandal and corruption, have opted to defend the rotten system and thus preserve their power rather than standing up for Ireland and its people.

Here’s former Progressive Democrats TD, Fiona O’Malley’s response to scandal and corruption.

It’s something that has always annoyed me, that the PDs are watchdogs. We have our own standards. Every other political party is responsible for their own standards within their own party. We are not watchdogs for any other party.

Green Party leader and then Minister for the Environment John Gormley when he had to decide whether to challenge the corrupt system or remain in power.

We never assigned ourselves that role because it’s a role which you cannot fulfill properly and do your work as well. We’re not the moral watchdog of any political party…we look after our probity and our standards…we cannot be responsible for events that took place before our entry into government.

And current Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton effectively rejecting the ethical standards of Roisin Shortall in favour of Minister Reilly’s stroke politics.

The fortunes of individual politicians and political parties comes after the issue of restoring the fortunes and the businesses and the employment that’s been lost in this country, and that’s our objective.

These politicians are, effectively, denying that they have any responsibility to challenge, defeat and root out the disease of corruption that has inflicted so much pain and suffering on Irish citizens.

Labour’s short but extremely damaging response to the latest allegations of corruption continues the betrayal by the body politic of Ireland and its people in favour of retaining power and influence within a hopelessly corrupt system.

That deeply depressing situation will not change until the people of Ireland are blessed with a politician or political party that never sees corruption as a personal matter for individual politicians but rather as a dangerous disease that requires immediate extermination.

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