E-voting machines: Everything must be destroyed

I see the e-voting machines have finally been shredded (Irish Examiner).

In June 2012 when the machines were sold to KMK Metals the owner of the company, Kurt Kyck, planned to sell 100 of the 7,500 machines and donate the funds to charity

Unfortunately, the Dept. of the Environment intervened and insisted that every machine must be destroyed.

At the time I rang the company anyway in the hope of purchasing parts of the machines, specifically motherboards and other electronic elements for an art project.

The manager, who clearly had the Department’s warnings still ringing in his ears, was adamant.

I’m sorry Mr. Sheridan but we have been instructed to destroy everything, even down to the smallest component.

It may be an unfair comparison but I was reminded of the Nazi’s destroying records as it became obvious that their crimes were about to be uncovered.

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