Pat Rabbitte: Wouldn't know a caveman if he met one in Dail Eireann

According to Pat Rabbitte there are no cavemen in the country (Morning Ireland).

Clearly, Mr. Rabbitte has never met a caveman otherwise he would be aware that the Houses of the Oireachtas are full of this particular species.

Indeed, Mr. Rabbitte is himself an excellent example of what a political caveman sounds like given his primitive response to a government invitation to businessman Denis O’Brien to attend the Global Irish Economic Forum in October (Irish Times).

I don’t know what kind of tests you would expect the Government to cause invitees to the Global Economic Forum to jump through.

Clearly, Mr. Rabbitte’s caveman brain has never heard of concepts like – ethics, morality, the public good, a country’s international reputation or even respect for a political system although, in fairness, respect for the latter predates even Mr. Rabbitte’s time in politics.