Senator Landy to be investigated

I rang the Clerk of the Seanad during the week for an update on my two complaints against Senator Landy.

I was informed that they have been passed to the Committee for Members Interests for further investigation.

As usual I was treated with barely concealed contempt particularly when I asked some questions about procedures within the office of the Clerk of the Seanad

For example I wanted to know:

Is the office officially required to acknowledge receipt of complaints?

Where would I find the legislation covering complaints to the office?

Bizarrely, I was told I would have to get my own legal people on that, that the office was not in a position to give legal advice on such matters.

Eventually I got answers to my straight-forward questions but, as usual, I had to wrestle with the non-cooperative bureaucratic mindset first.

One thought on “Senator Landy to be investigated”

  1. I thought they were supposed to be civil – in the full sense of that word – as well of course public servants!

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