Fintan O'Toole's deadly naivety on Senate reform

I’m disappointed but not really surprised that Fintan O’Toole is in favour of keeping the Senate (Irish Times).

Despite years of excellent analysis and passionate campaigning against political and business corruption he has never crossed the (psychological) line and admitted that he lives in an intrinsically corrupt state.

He sincerely but naïvely believes that politicians in favour of the Senate will keep their promise to reform the institution.

He sincerely and naively believes that such a reformed Senate will be capable of making the Dail accountable.

He sincerely and naively believes that by voting NO and writing the word ‘reform’ on his ballot paper that he will be making some great statement.

It is naivety of the most deadly kind because if enough people are of the same trusting/innocent mind as O’Toole there is a strong possibility that the NO vote will carry the day.

If his mindset wins the day I believe O’Toole will spend the rest of his life regretting his once in a lifetime opportunity to strike a blow against those powerful forces he has spent his life fighting.

If his mindset loses and the Senate is abolished there is at least a possibility that the resulting shock to the corrupt political/administrative system will trigger an unstoppable popular demand for revolutionary reform.