Tom Lenihan: True to the great warped culture of Fianna Fail

Tom Lenihan, son of the late Brian Lenihan, is refusing to resign his position as Student’s Union President in Trinity College after admitting he cheated in exams (Sunday Independent).

Lenihan is, apparently, suffering from depression and seems to be using that as a reason for not resigning.

In other words he is claiming – Yes, I was caught cheating but I’ve provided a good excuse and therefore should not have to face any consequences.

For anyone brought up in the warped culture of Fianna Fail, as Tom Lenihan obviously was, this is a perfectly rational reaction.

He will go far in politics.

3 thoughts on “Tom Lenihan: True to the great warped culture of Fianna Fail”

  1. It’s in the Fianna Fail DNA and will forever be so, the only way to remove it is to kill of FF.

  2. Yes it is in the Fianna Fail DNA, lets hope its not in all the governments DNA and the Anglo boys just get a little telling off, while we still pick up the bill. An Oxford head of student union who cheated was expelled.

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