PJ Mara enjoys love-in with RTEs Miriam O'Callaghan

PJ Mara, the former advisor to the corrupt/criminal politician Haughey was interviewed on the John Murray Show this morning.

Predictably, he was treated with the utmost respect and also very predictably; the words ‘corruption’ or ‘criminality’ was never mentioned.

There was no reference whatsoever to Haughey’s long career of corruption, no mention of the enormous damage he inflicted on Ireland and its people, no mention of how he corrupted the political system and how that disease of corruption infected almost every level of Irish society and, ultimately, led to the loss of our economic sovereignty and national disgrace on the world stage.

Clearly, RTE is of the opinion that it is best not to mention such unpalatable matters. After all, denial is easy and lazy and facilitates those who may wish to avoid answering the tough questions.

Instead listeners were treated to Miriam O’Callaghan giggling out inane questions like a besotted schoolgirl who had just met her hero.

If Ireland was a functional democracy and possessed an objectively professional national broadcaster like the BBC with a hard hitting presenter like Jerry Paxman the likes of Mara would be immediately stripped of their pretentious idiocy without mercy.

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3 thoughts on “PJ Mara enjoys love-in with RTEs Miriam O'Callaghan”

  1. Miriam O’Callaghan has become so like her Rosenstock caricature that it’s no longer possible to tell the difference. Lightweight journalist who has become comfortable in her Civil Service job.

  2. Who is this Haughey guy you are writing about? Did Miriam know him? Who is the lucky girl who had the babby for him?
    Pity I missed the programme but afrai too much saccharine at that time in the morning would not be good for me.

  3. You are absolutely correct in this. It is quickly becoming apparent that memory in Ireland is short. Despite a budget which is quite clearly an attack on elderly, infirm and disabled people RTE dredged up one of the architects of our political system and laud his contribution. The guy should be in jail and Miriam demoted if she finds herself unable to challenge such obvious attempts to cleanse our collective memories!

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