CHC: Update on State's continued failure to properly investigate allegations of white-collar crime

I noted the following statement (dated 20 August 2013) on the Central Bank website today.

The Central Bank’s investigation into Custom House Capital Ltd (in Liquidation) and persons concerned in its management has been on-going since the publication of the Final Report to the High Court by Court Appointed Inspectors dated 19 October 2011.

Following consultation with An Garda Siochána, the Central Bank’s investigation has been deferred pending completion of investigations by An Garda Síochána.

This case involves allegations of massive fraud at Custom House Capital (CHC) which was first uncovered in 2009 by a private company shortly after the so-called Financial Regulator had ‘investigated’ CHC and, effectively, gave it the all clear (See here).

Nearly five years later and we’re still waiting for our so-called law enforcement agencies to finish their ‘investigations’.

As with practically all allegations of white-collar crime in Ireland this case will be ‘investigated’ to hell and back until the entire affair becomes neutralised through history or resolved by other means which usually means those ripped off will stay ripped off and those with allegations of fraud against them will remain free and unaccountable.