The hypocrisy of Pat Rabbitte

Responding to media and other criticisms of the Government’s recent attempt to substantially increase the cost of submitting a freedom of information request the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Pat Rabbitte said:

To present it as killing off the Freedom of Information Act is the kind of hyperbole that is just not worthy of respectable public discourse.

Responding to the Fianna Fail/Progressive Democrats Government’s plan to subvert the Freedom of Information Act in 2003 the then leader of the Labour Party Pat Rabbitte said:

It is a sad commentary on the self-appointed watchdogs of the Progressive Democrats that they are prepared to collude in shutting out the public and the media.

One thought on “The hypocrisy of Pat Rabbitte”

  1. traitor
    a person who betrays someone or something, such as a friend, cause, or principle.
    “he was a traitor to his own class”
    synonyms: betrayer, back-stabber, double-crosser, double-dealer, renegade, Judas, quisling, fifth columnist, viper;

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