Fianna Fail and the lucrative CRC connections

The connections between Fianna Fail and the Central Remedial Clinic (CRC) tell us all we need to know about how our banana republic operates.

Lady Goulding, founder of the CRC, recruited the criminal politician Haughey in the 1970s to head up its fund raising arm. This is akin to hiring a burglar to protect your home.

Since then a lot of senior Fianna Fail people have, somehow, found a comfortable nest within the CRC.

Des Peelo, accountant to the criminal Haughey and the liar Bertie Ahern, was chairman for a period.

James Nugent, who contributed €2,500 to Bertie Ahern’s so-called whip around, is on the board of directors.

Vincent Brady, former Fianna Fail Chief Whip and member of the criminal Haughey’s cabinet, is on the board of directors.

Paul Kiely, former member of Bertie Ahern’s Drumcondra mafia, was CEO of CRC until he left last July.

He was on an income of €242,000 at a time when disabled people were being forced to suffer the effects of major cutbacks.