In our corrupt state useless words take the place of law enforcement

If a policeman, politician or regulator resident in a functional democracy read this article there would be immediate arrests, a special court sitting would be urgently arranged and jail cells prepared.

In our intrinsically corrupt state there is no independent authority with the power or will to act, not even the police.

There is no politician with the vision or courage to do what needs to be done.

Our political system is so mired in the culture of corruption that even endlessly outraged politicians like Shane Ross can only respond with pathetic bleating from the sewer that is our body politic.

They have been nakedly arrogant, dismissive and the whole thing smacks of hubris.

Arrogance, hubris? Just words, useless words.

I repeat, in a functional democracy these activities would be seen and acted upon as very serious criminal acts – Accountability would be swift and effective.

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