Paul Williams: A pathetic toady for Shatter and Callinan

In a previous article I wondered whether Irish Independent journalist Paul Williams was an uninformed novice or a heavily biased journalist writing with a particular agenda.

I suspected he was biased but in a subsequent article Williams has not only revealed his extreme bias but also his thin skin when anybody dares to challenge his very questionable journalism.

In what can only be described as a childish rant Williams reveals himself as an overly sensitive amateur when it comes to covering stories outside his comfort zone.

Instead of responding in a professional manner to journalists who strongly criticised his latest theory on the bugging scandal Williams headed for the gutter in search of sewage to throw at his perceived enemies.

Claiming he was attacked by a ‘marauding group’ of journalists barely out of college, liberal commentators, social media commentators and Sinn Fein Williams abandoned any trace of professionalism he may have possessed.

He was also strongly critical of RTEs ‘politically correct pundits’ but didn’t have the courage to actually name those he condemned.

Crying onto his keyboard he claimed he was being victimised for refusing to accept the wisdom of the ‘media mob’.

But Williams really confirmed his status as a gutter journalist when he resorted to a smear that I haven’t seen used in this country for many years.

Here, in his own words:

It was astonishing to watch as this marauding group swooped to defend a UK security company – some of whose employees are former agents of the dreaded crown – that was used by GSOC.

This crude attempt to stir up anti-British sentiment, particularly as Williams would be well aware that GSOC chairman Simon O’Brien is a UK citizen, is disgusting in the extreme.

This excuse for a journalist claims that his job in life is to put facts on paper and let the public make up their own minds.

In reality, he’s nothing but a pathetic toady for Shatter and Callinan.

2 thoughts on “Paul Williams: A pathetic toady for Shatter and Callinan”

  1. Where lying is the weapon of choice, balderdash, hyperbole, skulduggery and in this particular case; insufferable small-man syndrome, will always appear as the favoured bed fellows.
    Williams is forever tainted, but that was his own choice.

  2. I would have to agree with all above comments concerning Williams I have had the misfortune to have known this gentleman from the strongly republican town of Ballinamore in County Leitrim I think the word’s you were looking for were bottom feeding scumbag.

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