Dealing with a mind of pure arrogance

On 4 March I wrote to the Minister for Justice asking a very simple question.

It is public knowledge that a number of Gardai have been punished as a result of the penalty points controversy.

I request the name, rank, location and punishment meted out to the Gardai in question.

If this is not possible I request the regulation/legislation under which it is not possible.

On 5 March I received an acknowledgement.

Dear Mr Sheridan,

I write to acknowledge receipt of your email dated 4 March, 2014.
Yours sincerely

Today, 9 days later I made the following request.

Dear Mr.
I would be grateful if you could give a rough indication of when I could expect a reply to my email of 4 March last.
Yours sincerely
Anthony Sheridan

I received the following reply.

Dear Mr Sheridan,

I write to acknowledge receipt of your email dated 13 March, 2014.
Yours sincerely

These replies to my simple question are the product of a mind of pure arrogance operating with the absolute certainty that no accountability is necessary when dealing with ordinary citizens.

One thought on “Dealing with a mind of pure arrogance”

  1. Arrogance yes, but closer to wilful NEGLIGENCE in my humble view.
    What do the people in the Standards in Public Office do for a living?
    Is Shatter’s highly unethical conduct here an issue for SIPO?
    What’s to stop newly elected politicians from sitting on their hands for five years and doing absolutely nothing? – zero attendance of Dáil sittings, zero constituency issues responses, and zero transparency requests such as yours?
    Who supervises Shatter’s conduct and others like him?
    Isn’t there legislation in place that COMPELS office holders to execute their duties such as answering correspondence from the public?
    Is this an issue for Transparency International/Ireland?

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