The criminal Haughey pleads with the criminal Hussein

From the Attic Archives: Sunday Tribune 17 May 1992

The following quotes are taken from a letter written by the criminal dictator Haughey to the criminal dictator Saddam Hussein dated 29 September 1989.

The letter is a pathetic plea to Hussein to give back some of the money that the criminal Haughey and his corrupt government had committed to support the beef export industry. Larry Goodman, a massive contributor to Fianna Fail funds, was the principal beneficiary of such support.

Of course, the money was never recovered and, as always, Irish taxpayers’ were forced to pick up the tab.

Payments totally about $80 million are at present overdue to Irish companies. I appreciate that this amount is not very large by international trading standards, but the Irish economy is small and my Government is coming under a great deal of political pressure and criticism over the matter because the amounts will eventually have to be met by the Government if they are not otherwise cleared.

I apologise for troubling you about this matter in view of the very many great difficulties with which you have to contend but I am anxious that nothing should be allowed to diminish the excellent friendly relationship which has been so carefully built up between our countries.

If you can be of any assistance in regard to it I would be deeply grateful.

Please accept, Your Excellency, my good wishes for your well-being and for the happiness and prosperity of the Iraqi people.

Charles J Haughey, T.D.