Joan Burton: A genuinely principled individual or a typical gombeen hypocrite

Here’s what Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton had to say on the Jean McConville murder (Newstalk).

It’s a case I’ve followed down the years and I want to say this; if what happened to Jean McConville and her family had happened in any other country it would be treated properly as a war crime.

Referring to Sinn Fein’s reaction she said that there are certain standards in relation to war crimes that they have to acknowledge and address and I think Mr. Adams has to address those issues as well.

I would like to see all those involved in that war crime brought to justice.

Fair enough as far as it goes but Ms. Burton, as a result of her very strong intervention, now has an obligation to act on her convictions.

At a minimum she should immediately follow up on her criticism of the UK government and demand that that government treat the murder as a war crime.

She should also declare that she would have no more contact whatsoever with Gerry Adams or any member of Sinn Fein until those involved are brought to justice.

She should also demand that fellow Labour Party members, including the leader, adopt and support her strategy in this matter.

If she doesn’t do this, if she fails to follow up on her comments then we can reasonably conclude that she’s doing nothing more than acting like a typical gombeen hypocrite in the run-up to an election.

Over to you Ms. Burton…

One thought on “Joan Burton: A genuinely principled individual or a typical gombeen hypocrite”

  1. Dear Sir,

    Assume for one minute that Mr. Adams is Guilty. Then you most assume that the British Government, Irish Government, all people around at the times of the troubles are guilty of a crimes as well. Who will go after the British Government and others for the crimes against the people of the North. These people that speck out against Mr Adams were around at the time and both side new what was happening and according all are guilty. But why go after certain people?

    It is a fact that Governments have ordered killings etc. Another example, take the Church Abuse. The Governments allowed this,including the Gardai etc. Who went after them for the crimes and cover ups.

    The troubles were terrible and both side lost loves ones. So go after everyone of no one and keep the peace in place. I fair if the peace breaks down everyone will again turn on each other and we are back to the troubles.

    Gerry Molloy

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