Mrs. Drumm, her husband's heart and money

I see Mrs. Drumm feared her husband David might drop dead from a heart attack because of all the pressure he was under.

He was working long hours at the bank, she pleaded. Ahhh…the poor man.

The marriage was going through a really tough time she said. Ahhh…the poor woman.

The world was going through a really tough time, she pleaded. Ahhh…the poor…what…the fecking world???

Anyway, the poor woman claims that the €1 million transferred to her account from her husband’s had absolutely nothing, I repeat, absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with hiding money from his creditors.

I mean, the very thought is, I’m sure, repugnant to every fibre of her principled and innocent being.

Still, while I believe her without question, I’m sure there are many, many people out there whose marriages, finances, futures and even lives have been destroyed by the likes of individuals like Drumm who would dearly have wished that he had dropped dead long before he became involved in destroying their lives.