Burton and Kelly: Political pygmies when it comes to Sinn Fein

Joan Burton and Alan Kelly have an almost impossible task ahead of them in repairing the serious damage done to the Labour Party as a result of the party’s participation in government.

So the question is – do they possess the vision and political nous for the job?

In a word – No.

The duo’s policy on coalition with Sinn Fein tells us all we need to know about their political intelligence.

Here’s Kelly’s take on the issue.

I’d be very reticent to go into Government with Sinn Féin. I think they’ve a road to travel yet.

Northern Ireland is a different space; it’s a different context. In the Republic we’ve a tradition of democracy. We’ve a tradition from a political point of view about being pretty open about where we come from and what we stand for.

I’m not sure Sinn Féin have got to the point of being totally up-front with people in regards where they come from and what they stand for.

Kelly uttered these hilariously hypocritical views without a grain of awareness of just how insulting they are to most people and particularly to those governing in Northern Ireland.

Joan Burton is in full agreement with his views.

So how do these views fit in with the rest of the world?

America, the most powerful country in the world accepts Sinn Fein as a bona fide political party.

The European Union fully accepts that Sinn Fein has given up its violent ways and is committed to the democratic process.

The United Nations is fully supportive of Sinn Fein’s democratic mandate and its continuing efforts to progress the Peace Process.

Unionist politicians and their supporters, even though it is extremely difficult for them, are prepared to share power with Sinn Fein.

The Queen of England, a woman who has more reason than most to hate and reject Sinn Fein is supportive, courteous and respectful to Sinn Fein.

The vast majority of Irish citizens in the Republic, the North, Britain and around the world accept unconditionally that Sinn Fein is genuine in their intentions.

Citizens of the Republic have demonstrated their support in referendums and elections on numerous occasions.

It seems it is only the political pygmies who inhabit gombeen land that have difficulty in accepting the reality that Sinn Fein is here to stay.

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