Sean O'Rourke: Mary Coughlan's biggest fan

I see the gombeen traitor and former Taniste Mary Coughlan is thinking of making a comeback in politics.

She was interviewed by Sean O’Rourke last Wednesday and as always she was blaming everybody for her and her government’s incompetence in leading the country over the cliff of disaster.

The global economic crisis, European Commission, ECB, the banks, media and coalition partners were all to blame but not, apparently, Ms. incompetence herself or Mr., I’m not drunk, Cowen.

Of course she was never going to be asked the hard questions by an adoring Sean O’Rourke who set the tone of the interview from the very beginning.

Your father was one of the most wonderful gentlemen ever to grace the corridors of Leinster House.

Now perhaps her father was a ‘wonderful gentleman’ but O’Rourke’s admiring tone left listeners in no doubt as to how he was going to conduct the interview.

And so it was.

When Coughlan described the criminal Haughey as ‘the great Charles Haughey’, O’Rourke made no challenge.

When she refused to talk about the lies Bertie Ahern told to the Planning Tribunal, O’Rourke meekly submitted and moved on.

When she stated, as part of her excuse for Fianna Fail’s political failure, that the party was new to coalition O’Rourke accepted the lie without question.