Payment Protection Insurance fantasy 'investigation'

I’ve just received the most bizarre letter of my life.

It’s a letter from my credit card company informing me of the outcome of their ‘investigation’ into the possibility that they may have mis-sold me Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).

The PPI scam was in operation for years resulting in the theft of millions by various financial institutions.

The Central Bank instructed these financial institutions to repay all monies illegally extracted from customers.

The ‘investigation’ into my case has been going on since last October and it’s conclusion is summed up in the following paragraph of the letter.

Following our investigation I can confirm that our records show that PPI was sold to you during a telephone call on 27 May 2010, however, this cover was cancelled the following day. Therefore, no PPI premiums have ever been charged to the account.

So, no written contract, no signature, no record of any payments. Just a phone call in the night which was cancelled the next day – neat.