Labour Senator Aideen Hayden is a traitor

Labour Senator Aideen Hayden is a traitor to Ireland and its people.

Hayden is a traitor because her loyalty is, first and foremost, to herself, to her party and to her government.

By definition, any politician who supports the type of stroke politics surrounding the McNulty scandal is acting against the interests of Ireland and its people.

Three times Hayden was asked to demonstrate her loyalty to her country and three times she chose to give her loyalty to the diseased political system that has brought catastrophe on the Irish people.

Do you think it was a stroke?

Hayden: I’m not in a position to say it was a stroke.

Was she incorrect in appointing him?

Hayden: I’m not going to say whether she was correct or incorrect.

Do we have openness and transparency here?

Hayden: Labour Party ministers when they are appointing members to state boards use the public recruitment process. I would suggest that Fine Gael does the same.

It could be argued that Heyden is not a conscious traitor in the traditional sense but that point is not relevant in Ireland any more.

Catastrophe was visited upon the Irish people in 2008 resulting in massive pain and damage to countless citizens.

Every political party has accepted that the political system played a major role in the disaster, it has been accepted that the system is not fit for purpose, that radical and immediate reform is urgently required.

This government, under the banner of a so-called democratic revolution, promised to implement such reform, to rid the country of stroke politics, once and for all.

This latest scandal give the lie to that promise. Hayden’s support of the lie places her in the camp of the traitors who have betrayed the country once again.

Hayden is not, of course, the only traitor. Taoiseach Enda Kenny is also a traitor and a liar, he lied when he said he would rid the country of gombeen politics.

Every politician who supports or defends this latest political stroke is a traitor. Every politician who fails to challenge this latest attack on democracy place themselves in the traitor’s camp.

The time for political reform in Ireland passed many years ago. The diseased system, peopled by gombeens, cowards and self-serving traitors, is irretrievably corrupt.

No reform will happen, no justice will be forthcoming, no democracy will operate until the rotten system is completely eradicated from our culture and replaced with a functional democratic system peopled by citizens who understand what it means to loyally serve their country.

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One thought on “Labour Senator Aideen Hayden is a traitor”

  1. Anthony
    You say that catastrophe was visited on the Irish people in 2008.
    I think that the Irish people brought it largely on themselves. What part of an economic theory “when I have it I spend it” did they not understand?
    Yet we constitently voted for this approach.
    When the current government tried to change the constitution in 2011 to give the people ‘s representatives power to conduct meaningful investigations into matters of public concern, the people rejected this.
    When Enda Kenny tried to get rid of the Senate ( a move which you supported) the people rejected it.
    Sadly, I think the problem lies a bit deeper than corrupt politicians.

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