RTE: How about a criminal series featuring corrupt politicians and bankers?

Letter in yesterday’s Irish Times

‘Love/Hate’ and drama


Judging from all the media coverage for the drama series Love/Hate, including in The Irish Times, it was by all accounts one of the most successful ever undertaken by RTÉ. There is no doubt that the characters in the series, drawn from working-class areas of Dublin, mirror those in real life, whose activities have devastated many a community throughout the country.

What a pity that RTÉ has never broadcast a series featuring the criminal activities of those politicians, bankers, developers and others from districts such as Dublin 4 and other affluent areas in the city and other parts of the country.

Could RTÉ create a series about these criminals who destroyed our county and ruined countless lives? Undoubtedly.
Would they be let? Never.

Yours, etc,

Bernard Neary
Dublin 7.

One thought on “RTE: How about a criminal series featuring corrupt politicians and bankers?”

  1. What about an Irish made documentary which explains the Irish financial system since deregulation? In particular, the relationship between Irish banks and it European lenders 1999- 2008?
    In particular, securitisation, derivitives, difference between senior and junior bondholders and also the death of Irish pension funds.
    This COULD be done carefully so as not to jeopardize any bank inquiry. The people deserve so much more than this. The ignorance is feeding the anger.

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