Fine Gael Cllr. Kate O'Connell: Just another gombeen politician

Fine Gael Councillor Kate O’Connell is either a complete moron with very little intelligence or she thinks that the people of Ireland are complete morons with very little intelligence.

I strongly suspect it’s the former.

Defending her party’s complete failure to reform the (corrupt) political system (RTE) she said:

Fine Gael promised a democratic revolution but I imagine when they got elected…in the dying days of the Greens and Fianna Fail government…they literally inherited an unholy mess.

They went in, I believe, with the best of intentions to reform the system. But when they went into Government Buildings the place was falling down around them.

So this gombeen is asking us to believe that when the current government came to power they were completely unaware of the major catastrophe that had just been visited upon the Irish people.

She’s asking us to believe that Fine Gael and Labour had no idea that major political reform was urgently required to bring even a tiny semblance of democracy to our country.

O’Connell is a young politician who, we are constantly told, will usher in a new form of honest and open politics to serve the people of Ireland.

Sadly, like all her colleagues, she’s nothing more than a pathetic clone of the traitors who destroyed our country.

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One thought on “Fine Gael Cllr. Kate O'Connell: Just another gombeen politician”

  1. I disagree. It takes more intelligence than a moron could manage to clinically decide in favour of the get-in-line strategy and then to stand up and defend that indefensible strategy.
    An eerily similar mindset gave the world the Jewish holocaust also carried out in defence of the indefensible.

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