2015 will decide who wields power – the people or the corrupt ruling elite

To begin the New Year I’m going to restate the philosophy of this website.

Ireland is an intrinsically corrupt state.

By this I mean:

One: There is no independent state authority that has the power, resources, will or courage to challenge the rampant corruption that has done, and continues to do, so much damage to Ireland and its people.

This is no accident. Over the decades the corrupt body politic has ensured that all state agencies, including the police, are dependent on the favour of politicians if they want to keep their jobs and progress their careers.

Two: The proof of this fact can be observed every time corruption is brought to public attention. State agencies either ignore such corruption or, in many cases, actively take steps to protect the corrupt. The recent return of the Ansbacher files is a case in point.

Inevitably, this political/administrative corruption drove the citizens of Ireland over the cliff of catastrophe into the pits of despair in 2008. Since then the corrupt system has been desperately trying to reassert its power.

If it succeeds, Ireland will become a visible banana republic where the gap between the powerful and the powerless will become a permanent, and acceptably normal part of our culture.

To prevent this happening the people of Ireland need to rise up and destroy the system that has betrayed every principle of democracy and decency.

Talk of political reform is useless, that moment passed decades ago. Only the deluded believe that those who benefit enormously from our corrupt system will willingly push the button of their own self-destruction.

The people rebelled when the property tax was introduced. That rebellion was squashed when the corrupt system brought in the heavy artillery of Revenue.

The rebellion was re-ignited and became much stronger with the attempted introduction of water charges which politicised a significant section of the electorate.

But the rebellion is not about water charges, it’s not about any particular political party, it’s not even about this government.

It’s about the fact that the Irish people have finally woken up to the reality that they have been betrayed by a diseased and traitorous political system.

2015 will decide whether the people regain their democratic rights or are condemned forever to live under the oppression of the current ruling elite.

One thought on “2015 will decide who wields power – the people or the corrupt ruling elite”

  1. Only yesterday I caught part of a comment on RTE, where Enda Kenny was making the point that the electorate were fed up with elections and referenda. That there would be no elections this year as a result of public fatigue with politics! Or words to this effect.

    I take this to be an indication that FG are running scared of an angry electorate and they (FG) do not want to give the public any further opportunity to kick the government?

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