Michael O’Regan: A captured journalist?

Three conservative, establishment journalists had a cosy chat on RTEs News at One yesterday on the latest scandal involving rape allegations against a former member of the IRA.

RTE journalist and presenter of the show Aine Lawlor raised the suspicions of many that there is a media conspiracy against Sinn Finn.

Irish Times journalist Michael O’Regan laughed at the idea.

It’s nonsense…there is no media conspiracy against Sinn Fein, there’s reportage and analysis of issues.

RTE journalist Martina Fitzgerald agreed with O’Regan.

O’Regan’s dismissal of a media conspiracy against Sinn Fein tells us more about the (Leinster House) bubble in which he operates.

Those of us outside that bubble are in no doubt whatsoever that there is, at the very least, an extremely strong bias across most of the media against Sinn Fein. This bias is directly proportional to the growing political power of the party.

Because O’Regan spends most of his working life interacting with politicians and government officials he is unlikely to even consider the suggestion that he may be a captured journalist.

One thought on “Michael O’Regan: A captured journalist?”

  1. Anthony,
    “An extremely strong bias across most of the media against Sinn Fein”. Is this based on the latest headlines that Sinn Fein have managed?
    I have only come to reading your blog in the last 3 years and have found it informative and refreshing, by and large. But if that was your attitude as the media exposed the Catholic Church hierarchy’s enabling of child abuse I’m appalled!
    And if it wasn’t, then why the double standards ?

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