Time to force civil servants and politicians to serve the state

The appointment by Fine Gael TD John Perry of his wife as a parliamentary assistant is just the latest example of how our gombeen political system works.

Wink, wink, nod, nod and when caught out, throw out the first thing that comes to mind – Ah shure it was just a temporary arrangement and I’m now appointing somebody else.

The gombeen system is backed up by a civil service that’s 100% loyal to the politicians and their cronies. Secrecy is the principle weapon but legislation is also a powerful force when it comes to ‘looking after’ the lads and ladies in Dail Eireann.

I rang the Oireachtas this morning to ask what legislation they were referring to when refusing to tell the taxpayers of the country how much it was costing them to fund the salary of Perry’s wife.

Section 37 of the Freedom of Information Act, I was told. I had a look and, while I’m no expert in the area, it seems to me that using this Act to protect the likes of Perry and his wife is an abuse of the FOI Act.

It is long past time that politicians and civil servants are forced by law to serve the people of Ireland and not their own selfish interests.

3 thoughts on “Time to force civil servants and politicians to serve the state”

  1. FOI and Date Protection – the first refuges of the scoundrel but cast aside when it suits the political agenda (i.e. to serve Irish Water). One small comfort – when they invoke FOI, we know for certain they’re lying. The shame of it is, they know we know they’re lying but they don’t care because, as you repeatedly point out, nothing ever happens.

  2. Anthony I used your article Government and media launch major propaganda campaign against water protesters I hope you dont mind. I added a little bit to it. Man the independent.ie is relentless. Thanks

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