All I can say is Permanent TSB my arse’

All I can say is Permanent TSB my arse’

This was the comment from shareholder Breeda O’Byrne at the Permanent TSB AGM today.

Another customer/victim of TSB, Sarah Hogan said:

Banking for life, we are with you every step of the way.

That’s what your website proclaims. And you most certainly are, Sir. You are bleeding us dry.

Ms. Hogan demanded immediate action surrounding the manner in which the bank was treating its customers/victims.

She has no hope. This is the reality.

There has been numerous such AGMs since 2008 and the script is always the same. Customers vent their anger, the bank managers waffle back insults, the government abandons the people and gives full, unqualified support to the bankers.

This AGM is no different.

The bankers will only stop robbing their customers when the politicians insists that they do so. The politicians will only act to stop the thievng bankers when enough people forcibly demand action.

Until then, the bankers and their political puppets will sit back and sneer at the ineffective/powerless ranting of desperate people.

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  1. Would anybody be surprised to hear that our Politicians, Judges, & top Public Servants are all on Trackers … essentially guaranteeing the Banks get no problems .. the joys of Free Masonry, or is it just that our Nation is cursed by ‘Small Mans Syndrome’ ….

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