Political buffoon Cowen still blaming others for his incompetence

I see political buffoon Biffo Cowen is still blaming others for the catastrophe he and his party visited upon Ireland and its people.

The prevailing advice from the International Monetary Fund, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation in Europe, plus most domestic commentary with one or two exceptions was – ‘that this would not end the way it did’.

So there you go, nothing to do with his incompetence or his party’s history of corruption.

On the suffering caused by the economic crisis Cowen said:

It is very difficult, it has caused a lot of problems for people, I am very conscious of it. There is no one more sorry about this than I am.

Somehow, I’d say the thousands of citizens being thrown out of their homes as a result of this buffoon’s incompetence are a tad sorrier particularly when the witness the massive pensions he draws down as they burn.