Fianna Fail: Still operating in a fog of delusion

Ah the bliss of it all. Fianna Fail got to enjoy just a few short days of glory after winning the bye-election before the darkness closed in again with the resignation of Averil Power. Prior to Power’s resignation it was difficult to gauge exactly what progress the party was making in its comeback strategy.

Now we know – absolutely no progress whatsoever.

Power pointed to the 100-foot high neon truth sign on top of the mountain that reads:

Fianna Fail lacks vision, courage and leadership.

In response we witnessed a long line of politicians and ordinary members come out, turn their backs to the sign, and say:

There is no problem with Fianna Fail, Michael Martin is a great leader, all is well.

It is critically important for the good of Ireland and its people that Fianna Fail continues to wallow in this fog of delusion.