Martin Mansergh: Chronically deluded

Fianna Fail just keeps on giving in its continuing destruction under the (non) leadership of Michael Martin.

The latest development is the announcement by former junior minister Martin Mansergh that he hopes to stand in the next election.

Mansergh, who loyally served the corrupt/criminal politician Haughey, enlightened the nation with his scintillating analysis of the upcoming election.

The alternative to a Fine Gael-led coalition, is a Fianna Fáil-led coalition.

We can see from this that Fianna Fail is still populated by those who really should be in a home for the chronically deluded.

Asked how he voted in the referendum Mansergh said it was ‘a private matter’. The hilarious aspect of this cowardly Sean Haughey type reply is that everybody knows he voted no and yet he doesn’t have the political intelligence to avoid public ridicule by just being honest and upfront.

The following exchange between Mansergh and Marian Finucane (June 30, 2013) concerning the economic catastrophe inflicted on the nation by Fianna Fail provides a good measure of this individual’s questionable courage and honesty.

At the time in question Mansergh was Minister of State at the Department of Finance.

Marian Finucane: You were working in the Dept. and presumably in contact with the Minister for Finance throughout that period.

Mansergh: Well, I was in a separate building. My main job was the office of public works.

Finucane: Was there a sense around the place of the kind of pressure that was going on?

Mansergh: Well, as I say, I wasn’t in the building, I was in a separate building about 500 metres away. I was not in the loop. My job in Finance was basically to relieve the Minister of some of his parliamentary responsibilities.