Journalist Gavin Sheridan wins major case against NAMA

Congratulations to journalist Gavin Sheridan and solicitor Fred Logue for their major victory against NAMA in the Supreme Court yesterday.

Gavin and Fred having been working very hard on this case for over five years and their victory deserves the thanks of all those interested in transparency and accountability in government.

Two things about this case.

One: It is a major blow to the most deadly, most utilised weapon of the state – secrecy. The all pervading culture of secrecy, deeply ingrained in all government agencies, is principally responsible for the massive criminality that’s rampant in the financial, property and political sectors, to name but a few.

Two: Unfortunately, Gavin’s professionalism as a journalist, his doggedness in pursuing a story, pursuing an injustice right to the end is not the norm in Irish journalism.

This has to change if secretive state agencies like NAMA are to be successfully challenged.