Breaking: Pat Rabbitte launches new career

Pat Rabbitte is standing down from Irish politics but there are reports he’s attempting to launch a new career.

A spokesman for Rabbitte said that given his wide experience ranging from socialist, when he genuinely cared about ordinary people, to ruthless capitalist where he despises anybody earning less than a million, he’s a perfect candidate for any right wing organisation.

However, Rabbitte is not having much luck in his new career.

Marine Le Pen, leader of the far right National Front in France has rejected his application to join the party. Le Pen is quoted as saying that Rabbitte was too far to the right, claiming his extreme views would damage the party’s image.

Kim Jong-un of North Korea said he was considering Rabbitte’s application but insisted that a positive response would depend on Rabbitte softening his attitude towards humanity and in particular to those struggling on social welfare.

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