Labour TD Derek Nolan is a hypocrite

It’s now one week since I challenged Labour TD Derek Nolan to condemn his party colleague Senator Denis Landy for refusing to report bribery allegations he made in 2013 to the Gardai.

My challenge was in response to Nolan’s strong condemnation of Social Democratic TDs for refusing to pay their water charges.

This is Nolan’s opinion of those who refuse to obey the law.

There is no future for our democracy in people picking and choosing which laws they obey.

To my knowledge deputy Nolan has not responded to my challenge and therefore it is reasonable to assume the following:

Nolan’s concern for the rule of law is bogus. He is a hypocrite and therefore is not to be trusted as a public representative.

Sadly, he’s one of the many young politicians who are loyal members of the gombeen culture that’s responsible for the destruction of our country.

Happily, that corrupt political regime is coming to an end.