Drumm: Rueing the day he fled Ireland’s corrupt shores

Here’s a sentence that has never been uttered in Ireland.

Wearing ankle shackles and handcuffed behind his back, former Anglo Irish Bank chief executive David Drumm shuffled into a US court.

In Ireland, Drumm would have arrived at court in a limo after receiving a polite invitation from an apologetic policeman.

In Ireland, if Drumm was, by some miracle, found guilty it’s likely he would hear the same words from a judge as his criminal friends, McAteer and Whelan, heard when they were found guilty:

It would be “incredibly unjust” to impose a custodial sentence.

Indeed, Drumm, as he sits manacled in a US jail must be reflecting about the enormous mistake he made in fleeing a corrupt state where he would surely have been ‘looked after’ to a country where law enforcement is real and police and judges operate independently of the political system.

2 thoughts on “Drumm: Rueing the day he fled Ireland’s corrupt shores”

  1. Well done on a great piece of reporting. I hope you realize that you hit the nail on the head. When Ireland was brought to its knees firstly by 1 : The Bankers 2 : No Regulation by Cen. Bank 3 : The Untouchables 4 : ALL Politicians (including Opposition)
    Irish People should start to see this if we are to stop the corruption and the mistakes.
    Please keep up the work on the Bankers.

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