Diamaid Ferriter: Mean-spirited in giving credit to Atheist Ireland

Historian Diamaid Ferriter has an excellent article in today’s Irish Times on the issue of what he rightly describes as the blatantly sectarian education system operating in our country.

Widespread discrimination backed up by a range of draconian state laws are the order of the day for parents who do not want their children indoctrinated into the faith of the Catholic Church.

Some parents have been forced to resort to the humiliating practice of baptising their children against their wishes; such is the stranglehold that exists, bolstered by the Equal Status Act 2000, which permits schools to discriminate in their admissions policy on the basis of religion.

Mr. Ferriter’s article is, unfortunately, somewhat spoiled by his mean-spirited failure to give credit to Atheist Ireland, ably led by Michael Nugent, as the driving force resonsible for bringing, and keeping, this disgraceful discrimination to the attention of the wider public.

One thought on “Diamaid Ferriter: Mean-spirited in giving credit to Atheist Ireland”

  1. Atheists are among the most foolish of all. I have experienced a Heavenly intervention and have been healed by it and during it I was shown the floor that God Himself walks upon as mentioned in Exodus 24.10
    To live in denial of God is truly the most foolish of ventures.

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