The poor standard of Irish political journalism

By Anthony Sheridan

The standard of political analysis within Irish journalism is disturbingly poor.  There is one simple but very troubling reason for this. 

Most journalists are loyal members of the establishment and as a consequence refuse to even acknowledge never mind actually write about the dark, underlying reality that lies at the heart of Irish politics. 

The dark reality is that the three centrist parties, Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour, are not separate political parties struggling to attain power in order to implement policies for the greater good of Ireland and its people.   

The dark reality is that these three parties constitute a corrupt political class that, for the most part, works to enrich itself and those who support its agendas. 

The economic catastrophe and consequent extreme austerity inflicted on the people of Ireland by this ruling political class since 2008 has resulted in very serious damage to its credibility and as a consequence to its power. 

Labour has been virtually wiped out by an angry electorate while Fianna Fail and Fine Gael have been so damaged they have been forced into a coalition of desperation where they are engaged in a life or death struggle for political dominance.

The establishment media plays a major role in propping up the power of this corrupt political class.  Journalists do this by simply ignoring political corruption altogether or by retreating into a parallel reality.

A recent article by Irish Times journalist Pat Leahy provides us with a good example of how establishment journalists ‘analyse’ politics from within this parallel reality.    

In the article Leahy is making the point that the Left in Irish politics is not serious about achieving its political goals.  They prefer talking to doing, he says.  He goes on:

If power is impossible without compromise and personal sacrifice, they prefer the empty dance of politics without the prospect of power.

This, of course, is a ridiculous conclusion.  But such silly opinions are not unusual among journalists like Leahy because, while they can see the rot in the political system, they are not, for whatever reason, prepared to expose it. 

Clearly, Leahy doesn’t realise that the three centrist parties are a political class masquerading as separate entities.  We witness his ignorance by his use of the term  ‘go figure’  when describing how Fianna Fail and Fine Gael can operate on any point of the political spectrum without apparent scruple.

Political parties of integrity and principle do not do this.  They avoid associating with parties of opposite ideologies altogether or lay down very strict conditions for any coalition deal. 

A single ruling political class, particularly one infected with the disease of corruption, has no scruples about moving to any position on the politcal spectrum if it suits its purpose.  That’s why, for example, the Labour Party had no difficulties in collaborating with Fine Gael’s extreme right-wing austerity policies. 

Leahy further demonstrates his ignorance of the political landscape by asking the following question:

What, exactly, is the difference between the Labour Party and the Social Democrats apart from the fact that they cannot get along together at a personal level?

The answer, of course, is that the Labour Party is a loyal member of the corrupt ruling class.  The party sold out on its socialist principles and political integrity in 1992 when Dick Spring went into coalition with the criminal politician Haughey shortly after [accurately] describing Haughey and Fianna Fail as ‘a cancer on the body politic’.

The Social Democrats, on the other hand, represent the complete opposite of what Labour has become.  The Social Democrats came into existence as a direct result of exposing corruption within the ruling class. 

The party’s leadership know very well that they would be signing their political death warrant if they were to associate themselves with any of the parties that constitute the corrupt political class.

It is incredible and deeply disturbing that a journalist such as Leahy, who is considered an expert on political analysis, is not aware of this obvious political reality.

But, as I said at the beginning – the standard of political analysis within Irish journalism is very poor.

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Pat Leahy

Brendan Howlin: A political leprechaun


the-problem-with-political-jokes-tinyBy Anthony Sheridan

Former Labour Party leader and current EU Special Envoy for the Peace Process in Columbia Eamon Gilmore said the shock defeat of a referendum to endorse the peace deal between FARC rebels and the Columbian government must be respected.

The current leader of the Labour Party Brendan Howlin has arrogantly told the British people they must hold a second referendum because their decision to leave the EU is not in line with interests of the Irish ruling elite.

He said many British people were unaware of the hurt the decision to leave the EU had caused in Ireland.

The British people cannot yet understand the consequences of what they have done.

When it does become clear, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to me that the British people be asked to confirm their decision. That based on that agreement, the people should once more have their say, in a further referendum.

A second referendum campaign, he said, would not see the level of distortion that he said characterised the first.

In a nutshell this arrogant twat is saying:

Because, in his opinion, the British people didn’t know what they were doing, because the referendum campaign was distorted and because the result doesn’t suit the Irish ruling class they should vote again and hopefully get it right the second time around.

This is the long-standing anti-democratic attitude of all Irish gombeen politicians that Irish citizens have been subjected to for decades.

In their arrogant stupidity Irish politicians like Gilmore and Howlin are all for the democratic process on the strict condition that it doesn’t interfere with their own interests.

So the Columbian result is fine, very democratic and must be respected because the result does not impinge on the interests of the Irish political class.

But the British result is deemed to be undemocratic, the British people are deemed to be ignorant. They were misled, they must vote again – until they get it right.

This is the same pygmy political attitude Howlin adopted in the leadership contest for his own party. He didn’t want to risk a humiliating third rejection by his beloved party so he insisted that the democratic system be replaced with a dictatorial coronation.

I never cease to be amazed by the level of tolerance displayed by the British people when gombeen Irish politicians like Howlin and Kenny go over to berate and insult their democratic system.

I can only guess that those attending the British Labour Party conference where Howlin spoke assumed he was a performing Irish leprechaun hired to provide some light entertainment.

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Irish Labour Party

British Labour Party

SINDO to defeat the great evil one


By Anthony Sheridan

A great fear stalks the land. An evil force, greater than any witnessed since the creation of the Cosmos, has invaded the green isle of Ireland.

The evil? – Sinn Fein.

The fear? – That the evil one will supplant the white knights of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Labour who have, since 1922, ruled our great nation with wisdom, courage and honesty.

The evil one is on the point of victory, only one force stands heroically in its path, only one force with the courage, patriotism and strength to save the people from their own foolishness for even contemplating voting for the dark one.

That force? THE SUNDAY INDEPENDENT (Triumphant fanfare).

Tomorrow is the day of judgement when the SINDO engages in its final battle with the evil one before polling day.

Tomorrow is the day of justice when the SINDO, after many years of battle, delivers justice by slaying the evil dragon on behalf of a great but ungrateful people.

Every article, every sentence, every full stop will be recruited to do battle…including:

The horoscope:

A dark force will destroy you unless you vote as we advise.

The weather:

Dark clouds are approaching from the Left. Get out your umbrella’s and wellies on to save yourselves.


It’s a game of two halves – good and evil. Cheer for the white knights, boo the evil one.

The personals:

Wanted: Unthinking/gullible voters to continue supporting the corrupt political system that has impoverished the people and enriched the powerful.


Will ‘Independent’ Newspapers explode in indignation today?


By Anthony Sheridan

Between 18 Dec last and 8 Jan this year ‘Independent’ Newspapers published at least 48 articles attacking Sinn Fein in response to the trial and conviction of republican Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy on tax evasion charges.

That’s 9/11, major tsunami, end of the world event reaction – to a tax evasion charge.

Murphy is being sentenced today – in the middle of a general election.

So the question is – will the ‘journalists’ at ‘Independent’ Newspapers manage to remain calm or will they and the entire propaganda office erupt in a cosmic explosion of indignation and outrage at what they see as the most evil, most catastrophic event in human history?

Fingal County Council: Ignoring the law-breaking of the political class?


In my previous article regarding the illegal erection of posters by Fine Gael candidate Stephanie Regan I said:

Sad to say but politicians are justified in their contempt for the law because not one of my complaints has ever resulted in action being taken against a member of the political class.

And so it is in this case. Once again a so-called state law enforcement agency has turned a blind eye to law breaking by a member of the political class.

Before publishing the disgraceful decision by Fingal County Council I want to outline the stark facts of this case.

The case was published on a national online newspaper complete with photographs of the illegal posters. To my knowledge the law-breaker, Stephanie Regan did not dispute any of the facts in the report.

She openly admitted that she was the person who erected the illegal posters.

She openly admitted that she knew her actions were against the law.

So, after investigating the matter, here’s the conclusion of Fingal County Council.

Dear Sir,

I refer to your email dated 24th January 2016 in relation to the above matter.

This matter was investigated at the time and the Litter Warden found no evidence of the alleged breach.

Under these circumstance the matter is deemed closed.


The person/s who made this decision is a public/civil servant. When they began their career they promised to serve the public, to serve the people of Ireland. In return the people of Ireland pay their salaries and will pay their pensions and other benefits into their old age.

The people of Ireland have to trust that the public/civil servants will faithfully act in the best interests of the people, the country and the local community.

In this case, as in so many others, that trust has been betrayed with the subsequent damage to public trust in politicians and public/civil servants.

Copy to:
Fingal County Council
Stephanie Regan

Fake Data Commissioner forced to do her job

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling in favour of Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems has placed Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) in a very awkward position.

Awkward because the DPC, as a standard fake Irish law-enforcement authority, now finds itself under pressure to actually do what it has always just pretended to do – enforce law.

The DPC was established to be nothing more than the usual compliant lapdog in assisting our corrupt political/administrative system to manipulate democracy for the benefit of those who rule over us.

Now, because of pesky outsiders like Schrems and the ECJ, this Irish ‘law enforcement authority’ will find it very difficult to respond to alleged law breaking in the traditional manner of dismissively announcing – move on peasants, nothing to see here.

O’Brien adrift in shark infested waters

Oh dear, could it be that ‘poor’ old Denis is in trouble?

O’Brien has cancelled the $2 billion flotation of his Caribbean and Pacific islands telecoms company Digicel less than 72 hours before its shares were due to begin trading in New York.

The failure to float has been dismissed by O’Brien as a minor affair but it is no such thing.

The company built up a debt of $6.3 billion in preparation for the launch so the failure to launch means a good chunk of O’Brien’s money/assets is floating around unprotected in a financial market full of greedy capitalist sharks.

These ruthless sharks, and O’Brien is one of them, can smell the blood of a wounded victim a mile away and will quickly move in for the kill.

In the vicious world of rogue capitalism cannibalism is as common as the greedy exploitation of resources belonging to ordinary decent people.