Renua could, at some point in the future, be radical


By Anthony Sheridan

Renua presents itself as a radical party; a party that’s going to change the way politics is done in Ireland. The party, led by Lucinda Creighton, is promising to dispose of the old regime and replace it with a truly democratic, accountable, transparent republic.

For example, it is proposing to dismiss corrupt members of the Oireachtas.

So, no messing there. But wait….here’s a recent statement from the party:

The current Coalition is not corrupt but its obsession with secrecy is creating a framework where corruption could be enabled to flourish at some future date.

Let’s stretch that out for some clarity:

The current government is not corrupt.
But its obsession with secrecy could create a framework…
Where corruption could be enabled…
At some future date.

Now let’s apply that to Renua’s commitment to radical change:

Renua is not yet a radical party…
But its obsession for political change may create a framework where it does become radical…
Where it may become enabled to honestly acknowledge and challenge the disease of corruption…
At some future date….but not now.

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