Clare Daly is wrong on the question of water tax refunds

By Anthony Sheridan

Socialist TD Clare Daly is wrong in her view that those who paid their water bills should not get a refund.

It is unjust to punish those who, for whatever, reason decided to pay. They are equal victims of the corrupt regime that introduced the water tax and deserve to be treated on an equal basis to those who refused to pay. To do otherwise is to punish people for doing what they believed was the right thing to do.

Discriminating between those who paid and those who did not pay will create resentment and division resulting in a loss of support for the anti-water tax movement. Those who paid, mostly out of fear of prosecution, are looking for support not rejection.

The abandonment of those who paid is a propaganda godsend for establishment media. RTE have been quoting Ms. Daly’s rejection of payers on every headline since she was interviewed on Today with Sean O’Rourke.

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