Terry Prone: Water protesters are dumb



By Anthony Sheridan

Terry Prone is a political advisor and PR guru so you would imagine she should be knowledgeable about current affairs.

Well, you would be mistaken.  Ms. Prone is just as ignorant about the real reasons behind the failed attempt to introduce a water tax as most other mainstream journalists.

Speaking on Denis O’Brien’s radio station to former Fine Gael politician and Denis O’Brien broadcaster, Ivan Yates, Ms. Prone first regurgitated the establishment line on the water tax.

Water is not free…system needs to be modernised, Irish Water didn’t communicate the message properly, blah, blah, blah (see full quote below).

Then she entered la la land saying that when water charges come back she was confident she would receive a tax credit for the money she has already paid.

Leaving la la land she found herself in the realm of the insanely befuddled by claiming that if water charges are not paid directly then they will be paid indirectly through income tax and suggested that people who don’t realise this are dumb.

So this  so-called expert political advisor believes that if people pay the water tax the state will give them a break on their (already exorbitant) tax levels.

If this is the level of uninformed, naive advice our politicians are getting it’s no wonder they have become criminally incompetent.

To copper fasten her ignorance about what’s happening on the political landscape Ms. Prone, giggling like an excited schoolgirl, responded as follows when told that Kenny would be Taoiseach next week.

Isn’t it great, isn’t it mighty, he’s historic.

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Terry Prone

Terry Prone quote:

The fact is that water is not free, the process is a hundred years out of date and we really needed the water charges. The fact that the set-up and communication of Irish Water was not handled correctly doesn’t mean that the issue is not valid.

With luck, those of us honest brokers Ivan like you and me who paid our water charges will have a rolling credit into the next few years when they come back.

The other thing that puzzles me, and you as a former politician would explain this to me, is, how dumb do you have to be to believe that if you don’t have water charges you’re not going to get done indirectly through taxes, you’re going to pay either way.

I would much prefer to have a discreet, oh god, here’s 160 quid right now that I have to find rather than be robbed on a daily basis through income tax.