Fergus Finlay: Still living in cave of shadows



By Anthony Sheridan

The following quote, taken from today’s Irish Examiner, tells us that commentator Fergus Finlay has no credibility whatsoever when it comes to analysing current/political affairs.

I’ve met Noirín O’Sullivan a couple of times, and I have to say she strikes me as someone who is down-to-earth and entirely approachable. She simply has never seemed to me to be the sort of person whose instinct would be to circle the wagons when the force is criticised, but instead to seek to get to the bottom of the problem.

I tend to believe her when she says she has never had any interest in attacking the motivation of Garda whistle-blower Maurice McCabe, or in accusing him of malice.

Before retreating to the safety of his cave of shadows Mr. Finlay tells us that he’s not questioning the work of Irish Examiner journalist Michael Clifford who, Finlay admits, has raised questions of the most troubling kind.

But there is no way Finlay is going to actually analyse these troubling questions. To do so would risk having to deal with the appalling vista that our police force is riven by corruption, cover ups, incompetence, low morale and that at the core of all this dysfunctionality lies the corrupt nexus between policing and politics.

Instead, Finlay, safe in his cave, suggests that the most important issue, overriding all the corruption of recent decades, is the abolition of the bottom two points of the Haddington Road pay scale for junior Gardai.

Meanwhile, the corruption goes on and justice for the victims is as far away as ever.

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