Newstalk: Contempt for listeners and broadcasting regulations



By Anthony Sheridan

On 19 May last I made a formal complaint to Newstalk in response to comments made by George Hook on 11 May (Beginning of section one) about a number of politicians on the issue of water charges.

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) regulations requires the station to acknowledge my complaint and respond within 20 days.

On 23 May I received an acknowledgement but, 33 days later, there has been no response.

This dismissive attitude by Newstalk to complaints is not only unprofessional, it also demonstrates contempt for listeners, broadcasting rules and regulations and the authority of the BAI.

I suspect that Denis O’Brien, the owner of Newstalk, would have released his lawyers within minutes if the comments made by Hook were directed at O’Brien.

I have now forwarded my complaint to the BAI for investigation.

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