Breaking: The truth behind Melania Trump’s plagiarism



By Anthony Sheridan


There can be only two reasons for the plagiarising of Michelle Obama’s speech by Melania Trump.


The person who wrote it is so stupid he (all the suspects are male) didn’t have the intelligence to realise it would be instantly found out given the widespread availability of modern technology in the hands of political heads and snoopy/cynical journalists.

Didn’t have the intelligence to make the simple but critical changes necessary to make it different enough. Only the most clueless students lack such crucial savvy.

Didn’t have the intelligence to write his own completely original speech given that such speeches are simplicity itself for even the most mundane writer. They consist of nothing more than platitudes and clichés with a generous sprinkling of nationalist/party fervour topped off with a personal quote/opinion from the speaker – job done.


He’s a Democrat mole.

So….well done man.