Please, stop accusing us of being ethical

After ten years in power with Fianna Fail it is clear that the Progressive Democrats have abandoned their core value of defending high ethical standards in politics. Here are two examples of how things have changed.

PD senator, Tom Morrissey speaking on RTE 24th January 2005

“We’re not in the business of asking for heads on plates anymore. When we did, what thanks did the electorate ever give us? We’re not there as a watchdog anymore.”

Former PD TD Fiona O’Malley speaking on RTE 4th October 2006

“It’s something that’s always annoyed me, that the PDs are watchdogs. We have our own standards. Every other political party is responsible for their own standards within their own party. We are not watchdogs for any other political party.”

Given that the PDs are now very comfortable doing business at a Fianna Fail level of integrity and accountability and given that they have been virtually wiped out as a political party, Mary Harney should give serious consideration to moving, lock, stock and barrel (minus political integrity), back to her origins.

Back in bed with Bertie she could concentrate on her Americanisation of the health system and not be worried about all this nasty ethical business.

All is crystal clear now

Our great nation is indeed fortunate to have a Tanaiste and Minister for Justice of the standing and alertness of Michael McDowell.

At the first whisper of serious questions being raised concerning the financial dealings of his buddy Bertie he immediately demanded a full and vigorous investigation by Bertie into the allegations.

The nation is doubly blessed in the leadership, integrity and scintillating investigative skills of Michael’s buddy Bertie.

After a vigorous investigation which took just a few days, unlike those dastardly leaking tribunals, Bertie reported back to an anxious nation that all was well. He had no question to answer after all; it was all a nasty conspiracy by the opposition in league with a low-down malicious media.

Everything is crystal clear now, let the nation march forward