All is crystal clear now

Our great nation is indeed fortunate to have a Tanaiste and Minister for Justice of the standing and alertness of Michael McDowell.

At the first whisper of serious questions being raised concerning the financial dealings of his buddy Bertie he immediately demanded a full and vigorous investigation by Bertie into the allegations.

The nation is doubly blessed in the leadership, integrity and scintillating investigative skills of Michael’s buddy Bertie.

After a vigorous investigation which took just a few days, unlike those dastardly leaking tribunals, Bertie reported back to an anxious nation that all was well. He had no question to answer after all; it was all a nasty conspiracy by the opposition in league with a low-down malicious media.

Everything is crystal clear now, let the nation march forward

4 thoughts on “All is crystal clear now”

  1. i’ve been looking at this site for a while and I thought it was time I said something. I an totally amazed that you can get away with what you are saying. When I lived at home things like this were never said about anyone high up. I am delighted to see that someone is standing up to the shite that has always gone on in ireland and that people are starting to realise that politicians are completely corrupt. ireland is a different country now i hope you do well with the website.

  2. I hope you guys are pleased with yourselves. The people came out and supported Bertie when it mattered most. All the negative stuff was swept aside. The Country is in fine shape and people recognised it. It was an excellent turnout also which was all the sweeter. There is a tradition in this Country of helping out friends and neighbours when they are in difficuly (you guys probably wouldnt understand) and people can distinguish between that and corruption. The important issues for people were not traffic jams on the M50, whether Bertie had a bank account or not, water quality in Galway (which the Local Council had money available to sort out) The things that matter most to ordinary people are jobs, health, education and order in society and most people recognised that the outgoing Government had done its level best to deal with the important issues. Getting over the 40% was a magnificent achievement by any standards after 10 years in power.So in future guys less of the negative stuff and a little more respect Politicians who are giving everything for to improve their Country.
    And Gavin your Site Meter is telling you porkies. I am from Glandore not East Cork. Forget Google Earth for co-ordinates or anything else, the coverage in Munster is totally blurred. For GIS applications you need high res photos from BKS or Mapflow where actual buildings can be identified.Im not surprised that your co-ords are off beam.

  3. How curious Barry.

    Your IP shows as Which resolves both to and when you do a Whois it resolves as Fingal Council who own ranges – It is interesting that the IP addresses seem to be lying.

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