Olivia O’Leary’s disgusting ‘journalism’

I recently wrote a tongue in cheek article in response to one of the many black propaganda articles in Independent Newspapers which are obviously part of a wider media campaign to stop Sinn Fein achieving power.

Sunday Independent ‘journalist’ Eilis O’Hanlon was writing about the misuse of Twitter and Facebook but, in common with all establishment journalists, she just couldn’t help slipping into a rant about the activities of the great evil stalking the land.

My tongue in cheek article featured a recipe for cup cakes midway through which the writer slips into a rant against Sinn Fein in which it is claimed the IRA sent Gerry Adams back to 1939 in a time machine where he threatened Hitler with all kinds of sinister things if he didn’t invade Poland.

While writing the article I thought, maybe a bit strong using Hitler as a vehicle to get my point across but then I thought, sure what the hell, it’s obvious I’m doing tongue in cheek.

But, incredibly, I listened to establishment ‘journalist’ Olivia O’Leary deliver an essay yesterday (RTE Drivetime) in which she uses the same angle as I did with the crucial difference that she wasn’t doing tongue in cheek, she was deadly serious.

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp by Soviet troops and O’Leary obviously thought the event would serve as a great opportunity to link the Holocaust with Sinn Fein.

Her approach was deeply insulting to the victims and survivors of the Holocaust; it was ‘journalism’ at its most crude.

Right in the middle of her essay as she speaks of the horrors of the Nazi death camps she suddenly switches to what the republicans/Sinn Fein did during the Northern Ireland conflict. She selects one victim of the IRA and exploits his death and the suffering of his family to promote her propaganda agenda.

She makes no mention of any other organisation, political party or terrorist group involved in the NI conflict.

It’s blatantly obvious that she’s spouting propaganda, as she makes no attempt whatsoever to compare the Holocaust and the NI conflict by placing the events in any kind of context.

Indeed, to make any connection with the most horrific human outrage in history and the dirty little NI war, bad as it was for those directly involved, is in itself pathetic.

She ends by conflating Sinn Fein’s politics and past with the Holocaust. While rightly warning that the Holocaust must never be forgotten she also warns that people of her generation must defend the values of Irish democracy by making sure the youth of today never forget the role Sinn Fein played in the NI conflict.

As an introduction to her essay O’Leary recalled how she asked a really stupid question (her words) during the 1980 visit to Ireland of the then president of West Germany.

Still clearly embarrassed by the memory O’Leary admitted:

I didn’t do my job as a journalist properly.

Well, she’s still not doing her job as a journalist properly.

Her deliberate exploitation of the victims of the Holocaust as a propaganda device to attack Sinn Fein is disgusting in the extreme.

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Olivia O’Leary

Sinn Fein and half-baked Irish Independent journalists

Did anyone see that great recipe for banana cup cakes in the Irish Independent recently?

Here it is:

Preheat oven to 180°C, 160°C fan, Gas mark 4.

Weigh your eggs. Note the weight and measure the same amount of Flora, sugar and flour. Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and beat with a wooden spoon 2–3 minutes until well mixed. Place dessertspoons of the mixture in 10 paper cases or greased bun tins.

And we can now reveal that Adolf Hitler was a leading member of Sinn Fein. A reliable source has provided absolute proof to this newspaper that Hitler’s decision to go to war was triggered after the IRA sent Gerry Adams back in a time machine to 1939 where he threatened Hitler with all kinds of sinister things if he didn’t invade Poland.

Bake for around 20 minutes until soft and springy to touch. Cool on a wire tray.

Mix icing ingredients together and then spread or pipe over the cakes. Decorate with banana chips or popping candy.

Ah no, I’m only joking but here’s a similar article baked (or, more accurately, half-baked) earlier by Sunday Independent ‘journalist’ Eilis O’Hanlon.

Essentially, the article is about the misuse of Twitter and Facebook but, in common with all Independent Newspaper journalists, Ms. O’Hanlon just can’t help engaging in a rant against the evil Sinn Fein party.

Midway through the article Ms. O’Hanlon loses the run of herself as sinister Sinn Fein invades her thoughts.

Far too much of it, however, was cruelly organised by supporters of Sinn Fein/IRA, which, like the hard left in general, have a social media presence hugely out of proportion to its actual support in the country, which it uses to intimidate opponents into silence.

Consider it a lesson in what life will be like if they ever do get an actual, as opposed to a Twitter, majority.

A spokesman for Independent Newspapers denied that their journalists are injected with a mind-altering concoction that triggers an automatic Sinn Fein rant when writing articles, even articles about cup cakes 🙂

Joan Burton: Time to leave the dark cave of hypocrisy

Yesterday I wrote about Joan Burton’s visionless political pedigree most clearly exposed by her hypocritical attitude to coalition with Sinn Fein.

Here’s how I think a political leader operating outside the narrow-minded, corrupt, self-serving system under which Burton forms her political views would respond.

Tubridy: Mr. Sheridan, as leader of the New Ireland Party would you go into coalition with Sinn Fein?

Sheridan: Let me be absolutely clear on this question. What you are really asking me is – Do I think Sinn Fein has cut itself off from all paramilitary involvement, do I think the party now operates as a fully fledged legitimate democratic political party?

My answer is a resounding – Yes.

And I am not alone in this view. The United States, the United Nations, the European Union, the Unionist community in Northern Ireland, the Queen of England and the vast majority of citizens in the Republic, Northern Ireland and the UK also hold this view.

The only group of people who refuse to accept this political fact are the leaders of the mainstream parties in this country.

So yes, we would go into coalition with Sinn Fein if both our parties could agree on a reasonable and comprehensive programme of government particularly on economic policy.

Tubridy: But what about Sinn Fein’s violent past, what about the other mainstream parties who have rejected Sinn Fein because of its terrorist past? What about Joan Burton’s assertion that there remains a nexus between Sinn Fein and the IRA? Are you not worried that Sinn Fein may use that nexus to bring down the state?

Sheridan: Joan Burton’s claim that there remains a nexus between Sinn Fein and the IRA is very serious. If the claim is true then there could be very serious consequences not just for the citizens of the republic but also for those in the UK and indeed for the Peace Process itself.

To my knowledge there is no evidence whatsoever for the claim but if Ms. Burton is in possession of such evidence then she has a duty to make it public and forward details to the relevant authorities.

Tubridy: Do you think such evidence exists?

Sheridan: No.

Tubridy: Then why do you think she and indeed all the other mainstream party leaders continue to make such claims?

Sheridan: Political fear of Sinn Fein’s success, nothing else. Instead of accepting Sinn Fein’s bona fides like the rest of the world the mainstream parties have retreated into the dark cave of hypocrisy.

On the one hand they declare to the world how delighted they are with the Peace Process and praise Sinn Fein’s contribution while on the other they claim that Sinn Fein is still connected with terrorism and the IRA.

This political strategy is as weak as it is insulting to the intelligence of citizens of Ireland and the rest of the world. It is also an indication of how bankrupt the Irish political system is of real courage and vision, something that is absolutely vital for the future of our country.

Tubridy: Have you any advice for Joan Burton on this question?

Sheridan: Yes, as a new party leader and Tanaiste she has a golden and once in a political lifetime opportunity to make a real difference for her party.

By simply announcing that the Labour Party now accepts what the rest of the world accepted years ago she would immediately remove her party from the dark cave of hypocrisy leaving Fianna Fail and Fine Gael to hug each other in their cold political idiocy.

By accepting political reality Ms. Bruton would also elevate her position as a political leader and provide her party with a huge political advantage in negotiating what form the next government takes.

Tubridy: What are the chances that she will go down that road?

Sheridan: Zero.

Joan Burton: A less than ordinary political leader

Tanaiste and leader of the Labour Party Joan Burton is a less than ordinary political leader.

She is, like the vast majority of Irish politicians, a creature of our intrinsically corrupt political/administrative system.

She has no vision whatsoever for Ireland and its people.. She is, like the majority of politicians, so much a part of the rotten system that’s she’s completely unaware of how desperate citizens are for a leader who will destroy that system and replace it with a genuine democracy.

Her recent appearance on the Late Late Show where she was questioned about her attitude to coalition with Sinn Fein confirms her political ignorance and ineptitude. (My analysis appears in brackets).

Ryan Tubridy: Would you go into coalition with Sinn Fein?

Burton: I believe Sinn Fein still has questions to answer. There’s a nexus between Sinn Fein and the IRA.

(There is no nexus between Sinn Fein and the IRA. The entire world has accepted this fact and have moved on. The mainstream and backward Irish political system refuses to accept this fact preferring to operate where’s it’s most comfortable – in a self-serving bog of hypocrisy).

Tubridy: Give me one question they have to answer.

Burton: Well, I never felt the armed struggle and killing people were necessary.

(Tubridy is asking her to provide a fact, she dishonestly replies with an irrelevant opinion).

Tubridy: But you know there was a peace process?

Burton: And I am a very strong supporter of the Peace Process.

(It’s hypocritical and illogical to reject Sinn Fein while at the same time claiming to be a very strong supporter of the Peace Process given that Sinn Fein is a major pillar of that process. If Burton was honest she would reject the Peace Process on the grounds that Sinn Fein still has questions to answer).

Tubridy: So what’s your problem?

Burton: The issue is in terms of Sinn Fein in government, their economic policies for instance.

(Again, dishonestly avoiding the question by changing the subject).

Tubridy: That’s got nothing to do with the armed struggle.

Burton: You have to look from a range of factors, I would have been in my twenties when all of the violence broke out.

Tubridy: All in the past.

Burton: No, no, I make democratic choices, I don’t like violence.

(Once again dishonestly avoiding the question).

Tubridy: Do you support the administration in Northern Ireland?

Burton: Absolutely.

Tubridy: So how can you expect, an hour and a half up the road, a Sinn Fein party to sit with the DUP and yet here you say Sinn Fein are not fit for government.

Burton: What I’m saying is that Sinn Fein have questions to answer.

(The circle of hypocrisy is complete).

Burton is already a failed political leader because her visionless mindset is the exact same grey colour as all the other mainstream political leaders in Ireland.

Tomorrow I will publish how a visionary, progressive political leader would respond to the coalition with Sinn Fein question.

If Joan Burton ever gets to read my view she will be utterly bamboozled because she will be attempting to read a language that she has never learned.

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Joan Burton

All Ireland Sinn Fein

Letter in today’s Irish Times.

Interesting consequence of the elections.

A chara,

So Matt Carthy has completed Sinn Féin’s remarkable quadruple – a seat in each of Ireland’s European constituencies.

For the first time, every person in Ireland is represented by an elected member from the same party – every single one of us, from Antrim to Kerry, has a Sinn Féin MEP.

I imagine this fact will cheer some more than others, but it should please the almost half a million voters who gave Sinn Féin their first preference – over 100,000 more than any other party.

Is mise,
Daire Mag Cuill,
Baile Átha Cliath 7.

Sinn Fein: Will they cooperate with the corrupt political/administrative system?

It is now almost certain that Sinn Fein will be part of the next government and that means – decision time.

Will they accept power and cooperate with our corrupt political/administrative system?

Labour in 1992, the Progressive Democrats, the Green Party and Labour again in 2011 all decided to cooperate with the corrupt system in order to reap the benefits of power rather than challenge the rotten system for the good of Ireland and its people.

I hope Sinn Fein resist the temptation but I fear they will not.

Big bad Sinn Fein

According to Bertie Ahern admirer, Jody Corcoran, Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Labour need to act quickly to ensure ‘extreme’ parties like Sinn Fein are kept out of power.

Micheal Martin really needs to act firmly if Fianna Fail is not to be be usurped from without and within; Fine Gael and Labour need to assist in this regard.

This is despite the fact that Fianna Fail, enthusiastically supported by Michael Martin, is principally responsible for the destruction of our country.

Ceann Comhairle abuses Dail privilege?

Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett became very angry with Sinn Fein TD Pearse Doherty when he made allegations about the new Secretary General at the Department of Finance, Mr. John Moran (RTE News).

Will you resume your seat or you’ll be taking a walk. Will you please resume your seat? You’re not making allegations in this house, leave the house deputy.

You’re not making allegations in this house?

I was always under the impression that Dail privilege was extended to politicians precisely so that they could raise issues and make allegations in the public interest without having to worry about being hauled into a court of law.

O Snodaigh scandal confirms Sinn Fein as just another party operating within a corrupt political/administrative system

The abuse of public funds by Sinn Fein’s Aengus O Snodaigh to the tune of €50,000 is no big deal financially speaking.

Politicians have been plundering public funds for decades and that situation is unlikely to change until the corrupt political/administrative system is totally dismantled.

The incident is important, however, in that it confirms that Sinn Fein is not the radical party it has always claimed to be.

The reaction by Gerry Adams, Mary Lou McDonald and O Snodaigh himself places their party firmly within the main stream body politic sphere of get what you can out of the system while the going is good.

It was excessive but, we’re told, he broke no law, he did nothing wrong.

These words have confirmed (and condemned) Sinn Fein as a fully signed up member of an irredeemably corrupt political/administrative system.

If Sinn Fein was the radical party they have always claimed to be they would never even have engaged with the rotten system in the first place. If they were truly revolutionary they would have refused to take their Dail seats.

Instead, they would have stood outside the gates of Dail Eireann, with the people, and stayed there until the disease of corruption had been excised from the body politic.

This incident, and the reaction to it, also puts paid to any hope that the party might reform the rotten system from the inside.

It’s doubtful that Sinn Fein, in common with all other parties, is even aware of how corrupt the political/administrative system really is.

Sinn Fein’s rising popularity in recent years, I believe, is a desperate plea from ordinary Irish citizens for real accountability and transparency from a courageous and visionary political party.

This incident and the cynical/dishonest reaction to it have dashed any hopes that Sinn Fein is the party with the courage and vision to root out the disease of corruption from Irish public life.

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Sinn Feinn