Sinn Fein: Will they cooperate with the corrupt political/administrative system?

It is now almost certain that Sinn Fein will be part of the next government and that means – decision time.

Will they accept power and cooperate with our corrupt political/administrative system?

Labour in 1992, the Progressive Democrats, the Green Party and Labour again in 2011 all decided to cooperate with the corrupt system in order to reap the benefits of power rather than challenge the rotten system for the good of Ireland and its people.

I hope Sinn Fein resist the temptation but I fear they will not.

2 thoughts on “Sinn Fein: Will they cooperate with the corrupt political/administrative system?”

  1. Good article. You might be correct about them doing the same. However, they know the people will not put up with this old type of procedure. And they got where they are today by telling the people what they will do and not do. So you are correct time will tell.

  2. Sinn Fein corrupt? Perish the thought! Despite their leader receiving the largesse of a wealthy supporter for an operation in an expensive private US hospital, we know he is a man of principle. He would not be beholden to any person of wealth—oops! There I am regressing to the past and thinking of the late, honest CJ.

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